Photo Library Features

To clarify the definitions/meanings of the features that are included in the comparison, the below definitions are currently used:

Github Stars

The number of stars on the primary github (or other) source code repository.


The number of contributors that have contributed to the project.

Last Commit

The date of the last git commit to the project.

Source Language

The primary language used in the repository’s source code.


The software license listed on the code repository.


Does the project provide a demo instance


Is the project completely and forever ‘Free’, or does it have a subscription plan or support model?

Automatic Mobile Upload

Is there a method to automatically upload images from a mobile device?

Web App

Is a web interface provided?

Android App

Is an Android app provided?

iOS App

Is an ios app provided?

Desktop App

Is a desktop app provided?


Are Live Photos supported? We currently don’t differentiate between the different types of Live Photos (Apple, Google, Samsung, etc).


Are videos supported?


Can photos be geolocated on a map?


Does the project have a mechanism to aid the user in re-discovering photos. This can include automatic album generation, ‘year in review’, etc.

Existing Folders

Are existing photo directory structures preserved and browsable?


Can albums be created and organized?


Is it possible to view photos in an automated slideshow?


Is there a way to view the photos chronologically?


Can photos be shared with other users or non-users?

Is there a search for the photos? Does it support semantic search, filtering, or other searching methods?

Duplicate Handling

Is there any functionality to manage duplicates?

User Defined Tags

Can photos have user-defined (not AI) tags applied, and be filtered by those tags?

Docker Installation

Does the project provide a docker image? Are there example docker-compose deployments?

Object/Face Recognition

Is there object or face detection included? We currently do not differentiate between objects and faces.

Basic Editing

Can photos be edited (i.e. Crop, rotate, simple touch-up, etc).


Can EXIF data be viewed or better yet edited?

Multiple User Support

Can there be multiple libraries for different users?

Authentication Providers

Are alternative authentication providers supported? (OAuth, LDAP, etc.)